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Ron Simone

Born and raised in Kearny New Jersey, a New Jersey native who is proud of his roots. Ron Simone Jr. was your average young boy with a dream and a vision. A natural born athlete,he knew early on that he had a strong discipline combined with a healthy competitive nature. Ron played football all through high school and continued his…

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Dawn Marie Pizzichillo

Dawn Marie Pizzichillo was born in Brooklyn, New York. As a child Dawn was known for her many talents and charismatic personality. Whether it was performing in school, auditioning for shows, modeling or just everyday child's play, Dawn always knew how to captivate a crowd. Incredibly warm, compassionate and driven, she always remained passionate about anything she chose to dive…

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Eric Schwartz

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Eric Schwartz is not your average run of the mill guy. He experienced first hand the importance of hard work and determination very early on. Raised in a family of 5, Eric's mother and father both worked to provide for their 3 sons. An athletic young man, Eric played both tennis and baseball well through…

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Chris Zeffiro

Born in Queens New York, Chris Zeffiro moved to Old Bridge New Jersey in 1990. As a young boy, Chris was always goal oriented and displayed leadership qualities, even then, participating in various sports and always having fun. Chris was always either team captain or MVP. A Military maven from 2006-2010, Chris was a squad leader for the U.S. Marines.…

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