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Chris Zeffiro

Born in Queens New York, Chris Zeffiro moved to Old Bridge New Jersey in 1990. As a young boy, Chris was always goal oriented and displayed leadership qualities, even then, participating in various sports and always having fun. Chris was always either team captain or MVP.

A Military maven from 2006-2010, Chris was a squad leader for the U.S. Marines. Disciplined and strategic with impeccable leadership qualities. It was well known that this marine was a man of strong conviction and honor. As the leader of 12 + Marines, a great responsibility, Chris is skilled in building relationships, and even through the toughest circumstances, maintaining them. Chris proudly served the great USA in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his tour in the Marines he met and married his lovely wife of 7 years. Together they have created a loving family for their son.

Chris's discipline did not end with his tour's completion. He has since challenged not only his mind but his body as well becoming a fitness trainer servicing military members, special needs clients and even some celebrities.

An exemplary family man, a man of great character and strength, Chris's disciplines make him an excellent Realtor, dedicated to his clients and family alike. His SUPER qualities make him a great choice to help you find your new home! Call Chris today.

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